rental management


Supported by an external consultant to manage a property leased by an owner or investor. It is a fee to unload the lessor of the current management of his property (property visits, advice, choosing the most suitable lease, presentation and advertising of the property, visits, constittution tenant record and study credit, writing the lease , establishment of the state of affairs, assistance to the tenant for installation information and the tax office of the trustee, rent collection, and relancestéléphoniques mails, fundraising regulations (if signed by owner), annual rent review, regularization Annual expenses according countdown stimulus tenants insurance, management of urgent and less urgent work necessary for the preservation of the property related management agent, followed by recovery procedures, management of insurance cover unpaid rent (if signed by the owner) .........




Requires signing a MANDATE LOCATION.Comprend visit the property, take pictures, record the constitution rental (title, property tax, last count charging mandatory diagnostics) advertising the property, visits, review records of prospective tenants, lease drafting, state lieux.Nos fees are shared equally between the landlord and the tenant.

Our mission ends after the state of fixtures.


Only the signature of a MANDATE GERANCE is nécessaire.Il assumes you are free from any commitment with another agence.Nous define together during our first appointment the terms of engagement and scope of our mission.


For the first time you will sign lease two mandates: LOCATION AND FACILITIES MANAGEMENT.

During the management when seeking new tenants you will not have to sign lease term.

Additional Services

AMARANTH ST ROCH offers unpaid rent insurance. The insurance covers the insured repayment of rents due to a defaulting tenant.

Despite the care taken by the agency to the selection and monitoring of tenants, the collection of your rent may be affected by the deteriorating economic situation, life events and the 1998 Law on the fight against exclusion.

Faced with this risk, we propose to guarantee your unpaid rent and property damage.

This warranty covers rents, charges and unpaid by tenants, collection costs and litigation taxes and the costs of expulsion. In addition, if the tenant leaves without observing the notice if the premises are re-let, you receive three months of quittancement.Enfin any property damage observed at the start of loctaires are supported within a certain ceiling.

With this guarantee, you can be sure to collect the rents necessary to supplement your income or your potential to repay loans.

Finally, note that we offer you additional fees related to the management of the unpaid rent insurance and the amount of insurance is deductible from your property income.

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